Media picks Alabama to win SEC in 2016

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The 2016 edition of SEC Football Media Days concluded with media in attendance predicting Alabama to win the 2016 SEC Championship.

Tennessee was selected to win the SEC Eastern Division with 2,167 points, including 225 first-place votes. Florida was second with 1,891 points and 57 votes to win the division, while Georgia was third with 1,860 total points and 45 votes to win the division. Points were awarded on a 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale.

Alabama was picked to win the SEC Western Division with 2,220 total points, while LSU was second with 1,984. Alabama received 246 first-place votes in the West, while LSU collected 76. Ole Miss was third with 1,479 points and five votes to capture the division title.

Five times since 1992 – three times in the last 20 –  the SEC Media Days predicted champion has proceeded to win the SEC Championship.

An all-time high 331 media members in attendance participated in this year’s vote.

The preseason All-SEC Team will be announced on Friday.


EASTERN DIVISION (1st Place votes in parenthesis)


School Points
Tennessee (225) 2167
Florida (57) 1891
Georgia (45) 1860
Kentucky 933
Vanderbilt (2) 810
Missouri 807
South Carolina (2) 800


WESTERN DIVISION (1st Place votes in parenthesis)

School Points
Alabama (246) 2220
LSU (76) 1984
Ole Miss (5) 1479
Texas A&M (3) 1130
Arkansas (1) 1047
Auburn 890
Mississippi State 518





School Points
Alabama 223
LSU 59
Tennessee 29
Georgia 7
Florida 5
Ole Miss 4
Texas A&M 1
South Carolina 1
Vanderbilt 1
Arkansas 1
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