What Les Miles said at SEC Media Days

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Les Miles saved the best for first.

The Mad Hatter took advantage of his first public presser of the 2016 season, taking the press by storm at SEC Media Days in Hoover.

Miles opened with a 20+ minute statement that covered the political climate of Baton Rouge, his summer trips to Cuba and Cleveland, and his annual rundown of LSU’s depth chart. Then, he took questions for a few minutes, capping off with another gem of a Les-ism.

Here are some highlights.

Miles on Alton Sterling and the fallout in Baton Rouge…

What I’d like to do is have them, our guys, have a platform where they could affect change. I think they’re wonderful men. I think they’re constantly involved in roles — they’re a student, they’re a football player, they’re role models. Society chases them. They want them at the party. They want them in front of the magazine. They want their autograph. And so then they’re constantly barraged with what’s the answer, what’s the answer, what’s the answer?

And the reality of it is just hope to put them in the position to allow them to have the greatest possible impact, because they’re our future.

Commissioner Sankey did it really well on Monday, and here’s what he said. Pretty simple. He said sport has a way to unite people, and I agree with him. And I hope that the Tigers do their best and that that happens in Baton Rouge, because Baton Rouge is home.

Miles on breaking his toes and going to Cuba…

Macy Myles, my 12-year-old who turned 13 — I’m done with — all of my kids are now older than teenage, or teenagers, so I’m messed, I got a problem.

But I was catching her in flip-flops, and that’s a mistake. You never — anybody that’s a parent or want-to-be parent, you never catch a son, pitcher, or female fast-pitch softball pitcher in flip-flops. Let me take it back. Flip-flops and a can. Because when you sit on the can, you put your feet on the can, and it’s an obvious position to be hit. So I broke two toes in my right foot catching her. So I went to Cuba, and Cuba is a communist country, and that was kind of the reason that I went.

Miles on Brandon Harris…

Brandon Harris at quarterback, certainly our play there will be significant and he shows more poise and more comfort in — he’s more ambitious, he’s — the more you accomplish, the more you want to accomplish. The artistic piece of being a quarterback is the style of throw and the style of throw is really where he’s at. You know, do I drive it? Do I put air on it? Where am I — what is this throw? And there’s where you want a quarterback to spend his time, and he is, and I think for a guy that’s throwing for 2600 yards, 19 touchdowns in two years is kind of a nice position to be in going into the season.

Miles on his backfield…

We’re going to be pretty salty at running back.

Miles on the o-line…

The offensive line will be veteran, even though we only have three starters returning, and all of those guys play a lot of football, and we would expect Toby Weathersby to be right tackle, to whom would be the left, K.J. Malone would be the left guard, or tackle, Maea Teuhema. Will Clapp will be a left guard or tackle. Ethan Pocic returns to center. And Josh Boutte, who really has been in position to play a lot of football, should he decide to have a great fall, he may be one of the more dominant players that we have.

Miles on defensive coordinator Dave Aranda…

Dave Aranda really fits the bill, just what we need. He transitioned from a four down to a three down personnel group. He has also the opportunity to play four down. So we’ll mix up personnels, but we’ll be playing Dave Aranda football, and that’s historically been damn good.

Miles on being the Dean of SEC coaches…

I don’t know. I think really being called a dean, I should probably get like a robe, right, and maybe a hat that maybe sits to the side and maybe my hanging cloth could be, you know, kind of dressed up some. That would be nice.

And finally, Miles on reporter’s question…

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