LSU freshman Steven Milam was a Monster among Monsters for the Tigers as the freshman second baseman hit his first career home run one of four for LSU in a 12 1 domination of Missouri LSU took a 1 0 lead in the SEC series For Milam this would be the first of many meaningful home runs during his monster freshman season PHOTO BY LSU Athletics

In college baseball, there are players who transcend the ordinary, epitomizing the spirit of perseverance and excellence. Steven Milam, a rising star on the diamond, exemplifies this with every swing of his bat, hitting harder than a Deere. His journey from Las Cruces, N.M., to the forefront of LSU baseball is a testament to his unyielding dedication and natural talent. And much like Milam’s relentless pursuit of greatness, John Deere products stand as symbols of reliability, performance, and innovation.

Steven Milam’s freshman season at LSU was a huge success. With a batting average of .326, 12 doubles, three triples, eight homers, 40 RBIs, 51 runs and seven stolen bases, Milam has had a huge impact on the Tigers’ success. His recognition as a 2024 Freshman All-SEC player and his leading performance in LSU’s postseason games, where he hit .386, show his elite ability on the field.

Milam’s stellar performance earned him a place on the 2024 First-Team Freshman All-America squad by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association. His clutch moments, including two walk-off home runs in a single week, showcase his ability to shine under pressure. These decisive hits propelled the Tigers to victories in crucial games.

But it’s not just his achievements at LSU that set Steven Milam apart. His invitation to participate in the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team Training Camp is a great example. Of his talent and potential. Milam’s commitment to excellence embodies the values that John Deere holds dear – integrity, perseverance, and dedication to success.

Just as Steven Milam relies on his training and determination to achieve his goals, people across the world rely on John Deere products to push the boundaries of performance. From the precision-engineered tractors that till the fields to the powerful utility vehicles that navigate

rugged terrains, John Deere is synonymous with reliability and innovation. Like Milam, John Deere products are built to endure the toughest challenges and emerge victorious.

As Steven Milam blazes a trail of success on the diamond, John Deere stands proud to support his journey every step of the way. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, Milam and John Deere represent the epitome of what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and the right tools for the job. As Milam continues to hit as hard as a “Deere,” we at John Deere salute his indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Steven Milam pushes the boundaries of what is possible and inspires others to do the same. As he continues to defy expectations and excel on the field, John Deere is proud to stand by his side, providing the tools he needs to succeed.

Monster walk-off homerun