LSU AD Scott Woodward responds to Governor Landry’s push for national anthem participation by college teams

LSU Athletics Director Scott Woodward responded to Governor Jeff Landry’s call for college athletic teams to be present for the national anthem. In a statement issued on Friday, Woodward said LSU will always be dedicated to the flag, the anthem and the country. Woodward didn’t promise any changes to their pregame routines, but they will look at their processes.

Tiger Rag Editor Todd Horne doesn’t see LSU changing its pregame activities, unless…

“If Governor Landry threatens their funding then they have no choice other than to change their processes and it’s horrible, because he obviously didn’t know anything about LSU’s  traditions and the way they do things,” said Horne.

Horne says he’s attended hundreds of LSU football games since 1970 and the team has never been present when the marching band plays the national anthem.

Landry has called on the state’s higher education boards to develop a policy for college athletic teams to be on the field or court when the national anthem is played and if not, they could lose their scholarship. This all started when the LSU women’s basketball team was not on the floor for the national anthem prior to the Elite Eight matchup against Iowa. The Hawkeyes were on the court.

Getting back to football, Horne says it would be difficult for the Tigers to be on the field when the Golden Band from Tigerland plays “The Star Spangled Banner.”

“They will have to change their entire pregame formatting, the band playing “Touchdown” spelling out “LSU” on the field, the would have to change everything.” said Horne. “Do I think that will happen? Only if LSU”s funding is threatened.

Horne believes this anthem controversy has been blown out of proportion.

“LSU is following the same routine as they always follow,” said Horne. “Kim Mulkey was honest in her assessment of it when she was questioned about it after game and yeah I think it’s a total much to do about nothing.”

Landry is also calling on the NCAA to mandate that student athletes are present for the national anthem.

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