Brawl Before Bama? –’s Audibles – LSU-Alabama Predictions – Hosted by Camryn Conner Audibles podcast - Episode 29

Brawl Before Bama? –’s Audibles podcast, Episode 29 – LSU-Alabama Predictions – CC kept her cool and even uttered the words ‘Roll Tide Roll.’ You have to hear it to believe it. In the end, Jeff Palermo and Todd Horne agreed – kind of – but a “cat fight” in the Tiger Rag war room almost ensued prior. Horne recommends therapy for Palermo, Palermo wonders what world Horne lives in. And producer Jake McMains is under oath, promising to preserve into posterity CC’s, Jeff’s and Todd’s ultimate predictions on the LSU-Bama game (primarily so Jeff can live out his dream and prove that Todd lives in “another world.”)

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