LSU punter Zach Von Rosenberg says former Tigers’ QB Joe Burrow “didn’t want to just beat you, he wanted to embarrass you”


Whether the college football season starts on time or not, the Tiger Rag Magazine August preseason football issue is just more than two weeks away from publication.

It has a little something for everybody, from opponent previews to Gotta Have LSU Gifts to Tigers’ position breakdowns to features on new starting quarterback Myles Brennan, 2019 Biletnikoff Award winning receiver Ja’Marr Chase, senior safety JaCoby Stevens and punter Zach Von Rosenberg who turns 30 years old in September.

Here’s a preview of what Von Rosenberg said about the competitiveness of Joe Burrow, LSU’s former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and the No. 1 overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft:

“Joe didn’t want to just beat you, he wanted to embarrass you. He went into every game trying to make you look stupid. He didn’t care if defenses knew our plays, like Georgia (in the SEC championship game) how they knew what we were running, and they didn’t stop us.

“He wasn’t trying to show off, he wasn’t trying to be flashy, He was going to come in and bury you. He wanted to score 60 points on you. He didn’t care who we were playing. He was just going to be Joe.

“We had this thing before games when he’d tell me how many points we were going to run on teams. I swear he was right 14 of 15 times. The only game he was wrong about was Auburn. I remember him telling me we were going to put 60 on Oklahoma. I was like, `C’mon man, 60 points? This is a Final Four game.” Then, we went out and scored 63.

“We rooted for him to get hit because he’d come out of the hit a different person. As soon as you hit him, the game is over. You’ve inspired a deranged man, he’d be livid. There’s no coming back from that. Joe 2.0 was about to shove it up their rear.”

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