LSU gymnastics star Haleigh Bryant to make announcement on her future this week

LSU's Haleigh Bryant is expected to announce if she will return to LSU for another season this week. PHOTO By LSU Athletics

LSU star gymnast Haleigh Bryant will announce her decision on whether she will remain at LSU for another season this week. Her announcement is expected to come either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Bryant, the reigning all-around champion, has another season of eligibility available. Bryant has said that she hadn’t yet made up her mind on whether to return to LSU when asked last week when LSU gymnastics worked a shift at Canes.

“I kind of want to take a little bit to celebrate [the national title], but it’s definitely something I’m thinking about now,” Bryant said. “It’s something I tried not to think about the whole entire season. I really put it in the back of my mind because my focus was on this team, but really don’t know. I’m just very excited for the future and what it has in store for me.”

Bryant isn’t the only gymnast that has yet to announce whether she will return for another season. Olivia Dunne also has another year of eligibility and has yet to make an announcement on whether she will return for a fifth year.

“I haven’t decided,” Dunne said. “I could come back for a fifth year. But I’m just focused on this year.”

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