WATCH & LISTEN: CC’s tired of LSU’s “Take-it-to-the-House” defense and is ready to move on's Audibles podcast, Ep. 38, Nov. 28 2023 Audibles – Ep. 38 – Nov. 28 2023 – Hosted by Camryn Conner. CC’s Rant . . . Camryn’s fired up. She says LSU’s conversion defense squandered the season, a prolific offense, and a quarterback for the ages in Jayden Daniels, and almost squandered the Heisman for That Kid in the season-finale against a 3rd-string quarterback, an interim coach and a mediocre offense because it couldn’t get off the field with its “Take it to the House” defense. Your move Coach Kelly, CC says. What cha gonna do? And when?

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