WATCH: Jay Johnson updates on LSU baseball | Caitlin Clark vs Pistol Pete Maravich with Jaeson Maravich’s Audibles podcast Feb. 7, 2024 hosted by Camryn Conner with Palermo & Horne. LSU baseball coach Jay Johnson update Horne and Palermo on LSU baseball and specifically where the Tigers are in their preparations for the season-opener which just more than a week away. Then, Jaeson Maravich, son of Pete Maravich talks about Iowa’s Caitlin Clark and the difference between her career scoring mark and his father’s, Pistol Pete Maravich. Maravich says his dad would have loved the way Clark plays the game, but the scoring marks are the not the same and should be classified differently. It’s an Apples vs Oranges comparison, Maravich says.

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