Todd Horne: ‘That Guy’ who said it never rains in Tiger Stadium, and a bunch of other things, LSU continues to prove are not true about 2022

LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers (8) hauls in a 47-yard pass from Jayden Daniels in the first quarter of Saturday's 41-10 win over UAB. PHOTO BY: Jonathan Mailhes

‘That Guy’ who said it never rains in Tiger Stadium; I’m pointing at him right now.

In fact, I’m identifying ‘That Guy’ as the same person who said a bunch of other things that obviously aren’t true, too, as well.

‘That Guy’ said a lot of things about LSU, about UAB, about Jayden Daniels, the SEC, the College Football Playoff scenarios and who knows what else?

But on Saturday, ‘That Guy’ proved to be wrong. Way wrong.

For LSU, though, it’s all good.

Not only does it rain in Tiger Stadium, it rains hard and it rains long. It’s also gets cold. But that thing about Daniels not being able to play in cold weather, ‘That Guy’ was wrong about that.

Daniels proved he can ball out in cold weather.

It was cold and it rained from start to finish Saturday night when LSU dominated UAB, 41-10, on Senior Night with 17 seniors, along with the rest of the team, picked up its fifth consecutive win. They stomped on another proverbial trap game opponent and exhibited the mental toughness that now has LSU in control of its own destiny with a clear path to knocking the door down to the College Football Playoffs.

‘That Guy’ – yep, same one who said it never rains in Tiger Stadium – he said LSU was going to struggle against UAB, even though because the Blazers (5-6) had one of the nation’s leading running backs and were much better than their record indicated.

Someone go tell ‘That Guy’, LSU held UAB to a season-low 259 yards in total offense, allowed the Blazers one touchdown and a field goal, and proceeded beat the living snot out of the Blazers – exactly like it was supposed to do.

Trap game be damned.

As a matter of fact, on Saturday in Tiger Stadium, and in Lexington, Kentucky, and especially in Columbia, South Carolina, ‘That Guy’, was exposed as a fraud.

I’m pinning a lot of fallacies that have been perpetuated in the college football world this season on ‘That Guy’. And I’m calling him out for the fraud he is now known to be after Saturday.

What all has he said?

Well, ‘That Guy’ said things like, when it comes to the college football playoff, No. 6 LSU, that 9-2 team – he said they’re not going to make it. One reason, he said, and you’ve probably heard him say it yourself, LSU is never going to be able to beat Georgia.

The defending college football champions – Georgia – are just too good – a notch or two above LSU. Besides, he’s repeated it so much, it’s honestly nauseating. LSU, he’s repeated, has got to win out, then it has to beat Georgia (which is never going to happen, he says), and then – if by some miracle it does happen – you’ve still got to deal with Tennessee.

Ain’t no way, ‘That Guy’ says.

LSU – even if it does somehow win the SEC Championship by beating Georgia – the Tigers are still going to have two losses and there simply isn’t a way the CFP is going to pick a two-loss LSU over Tennessee, even if the Tigers are SEC Champs after the Volunteers drummed LSU, 40-13, earlier this year.

Tennessee, ‘That Guy’ rationalized, will only have one loss. Georgia’s in, even with an upset loss to LSU in the SEC Championship, he said, because they’re Georgia. They’re in. They just are. Tennessee will be in, too.

The CFP won’t take LSU over Tennessee.

‘That Guy’ said LSU won the SEC West because it ‘lucked’ up and beat Arkansas because Sam Pittman was a doofus and elected not to kick a field goal early in that game instead of going for it on fourth down. Had Pittman just kicked a field goal, Arkansas would have at least ended up forcing overtime against LSU and the Razorbacks would not have ended up losing to the Tigers, 13-10.

Also, and just to be totally transparent, I’m not sure about this, but I’m investigating it now and I’ll let you know when I find out for sure, but I’ve got a really strong hunch this is the same guy – same exact guy – who said the attendance in Tiger Stadium against UAB during that persistent, cold rain in Death Valley “where it never rains” was 97,000-plus.

‘That Guy’ says all kind of things.

Apparently, nothing that guy says is true.

Let’s start from the top.

  1. As already established, it rains in Tiger Stadium.
  2. Kentucky did not beat Georgia on Saturday, but the Wildcats should have. The Wildcats did prove the Bulldogs have much less bite than that guy says, and if you cannot imagine LSU possibly beating Georgia in Atlanta on Dec. 3 and winning the SEC Championship, your brain does not function.
  3. South Carolina played Tennessee like a fiddle in Columbia, beating the Vols, 63-38, and Spencer Rattler chunked it all over the field for 438 yards and 6 touchdowns. Somebody needs to tell ‘That Guy’ that Tennessee is toast now.
  4. Tell ‘That Guy’ that LSU is still standing. And, looking pretty strong, I might add.
  5. Oh, and tell ‘That Guy’ that TCU may be undefeated, but the Horned Frogs are not going to the College Football Playoffs this year if LSU beats Texas A&M next week and beats Georgia in Atlanta.

Remember, two weeks ago when everyone thought how amazing it was that LSU beat Alabama to seize control of its own destiny in the SEC West?

‘That Guy’ agreed it was amazing that LSU pulled that off. But, he said, LSU still had to beat Arkansas, and you know, it’s cold in Arkansas and stuff. LSU will have a hangover from beating Bama. It will be a letdown and LSU will likely lose. But, hey, you’ve got to give it to them, LSU has had a great first year under Brian Kelly.

‘That Guy’, same guy, said UAB would be difficult for LSU to beat.

‘That Guy’ is a fraud.

LSU is going places because this guy, Kelly, knows what he’s doing and his team believes in him and his staff. LSU is mentally tough and a pretty damn strong football team.

“Mental toughness to me and our team is accountability,”  Kelly said. “It’s the ability to count on their teammates and themselves, to do it the right way, to do their job the right way when it’s needed in the right way. That’s taken time and they did that today is my point. When you look across college football today that many teams struggled to play their best version of themselves.

“This team did that, against a team if you listen to people talk, you know you’re supposed to beat them,” Kelly said. “And it requires an accountability that you’re intentional in what you do. You do your job when you’re supposed to do your job and you do it the right way. The way it’s been taught. I’m so proud of our mental toughness and their ability to do it the right way, late in November against a team they’re supposed to beat. The wins have been nice, the individual achievements have been really neat, the SEC West championship. But I’m most proud of the mental toughness that this group has shown.”

Take that, ‘That Guy’! And go dry yourself off.

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