Tiger Rag wins Story of the Year at Louisiana Sports Writers Association awards

By Tiger Rag Staff

A week after picking up 10 honors from the Louisiana Press Association, Tiger Rag took home Story of the Year honors at the Louisiana Sports Writers Association awards on Sunday.

Editor Cody Worsham’s cover story on LSU basketball player Keith Hornsby was selected as the best in the state for 2015. Judges named it the top story of hundreds submitted by Louisiana’s media outlets for the contest.

The story, which appeared in Volume 38, Issue 1 of Tiger Rag, also won first place in the Best College Feature category.

“The lede was creative, detailed and showed the power of sports knowledge and keen observation that really set it apart,” the judges wrote. “Six paragraphs describing a player’s shot technique right after the opening sentence wouldn’t ordinarily be a recipe for success. But it was so artfully done that it worked. The body of the story included loads of background information without an overload. That depth of insight is hard these days in the cloistered world of major college athletics. But the author did wonders with it.”

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