Q/A: Tremont Waters previews matchup with Collin Sexton and talks Will Wade’s “weird” scouting reports

Photo by Gus Stark

By CODY WORSHAM | Tiger Rag Editor

Q: What’s your take on Collin Sexton? 

A: He’s an electrifying player. You don’t come across players like him very often. He’s like a Russell Westbrook kind of player. He’s not making too many moves – just going downhill to the basket.

Q: How was the Arkansas film session relative to others this season? 

A: Relative to other film sessions, we didn’t do nearly as much wrong in this last game. We watched film yesterday. Usually we watch the whole game. We didn’t watch the whole game yesterday. We watched probably 10 minutes of film then moved on to practice. He put together commentary to show us how the guys were talking about us. He went over our made baskets and what we didn’t do well in transition, the five plays or whatever it was.

Q: What was your favorite part of the commentary? 

A: I heard my name a lot. I don’t know what they were saying to be exact. I just heard my name a lot. It’s good to hear your name a lot.

Q: You guys guarded Arkansas well. Did they just miss shots or did y’all do something to slow them down?

A: I’m going to have to take credit for that – not me, but my team. We knew what we were doing going into the game. Coach Wade gave us a good scouting report.

Q: What are his scouting reports like? 

A: Coach Wade doesn’t leave anything out. He’s very to the T. He knows everything each player is going to do. He knows if a player is going to come off a screen, if he’s going right to pull up or left all the way to the rim, or if he’s coming down with his left hand and crosses over one time he’s going to pull up. That guy is very detailed. He’s leading us to a lot of great wins.

Q: What’s the weirdest detail you can remember from a scouting report? 

A: I’m not even going to lie: there’s so many little details I’ve never heard of, noticed, or heard anyone say. ‘If this guy walks off the court and his head’s down, that means we’re going to get a five point lead,’ or something. It’s some of the weirdest stuff you could ever think of. But the guy knows what he’s doing. And he’s right the majority of the time.

Q: Too many details to remember them all? 

A: Coach Wade and Coach Heiar…it’s hard not to hear them during the game. They’re always into it. They’re always screaming at us – not in a bad way. They’re just loud and they’re going to get their point across, even if they have to waive their arms back and forth. They get the words they need to get to us to us.

Q: You took the ball out against Arkansas’ press. How did that help? 

They couldn’t double me. They had to play single coverage on everyone else, so I was able to get the ball in and get it right back.

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