LSU loses starting defensive tackle Glen Logan with a broken foot for undisclosed amount of time

Sixth-year LSU senior starting defensive tackle Glen Logan is out for an undetermined amount of time with a broken foot.

Two days before his team’s first full-scale scrimmage, LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron said that fifth-year senior tackle Glen Logan will miss the foreseeable future with a broken bone in his foot.

Orgeron said after Thursday’s practice, which was conducted in full pads for the first time since fall camp began Aug. 6, Logan reinjured his foot and suffered a “little” break that would require some time away from the football field to heal.

“We’ll get him back some time this season,” Orgeron said.

Orgeron said his team will be minus several projected starters or experienced players when LSU conducts the first of three scrimmages Saturday afternoon in Tiger Stadium leading into the team’s season opener Sept. 4 at UCLA.

Junior All-American cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. is one of three players, along with junior running back Tyrion Davis-Price and offensive guard Chase Hines, out with what Orgeron termed a ‘camp’ injury.

Stingley could return to practice next Monday, Orgeron said.

Here’s what else Orgeron had to say:

On Derek Stingley possibly also playing offense

“We were going to do it this week, do it the day he got a minor injury. I talked to (offensive coordinator) Jake (Peetz) and Derek about the type plays we were going to run. We’ll see where we are next week. I don’t know if he’s going to full speed. I’m not going to play him both ways unless he’s full speed.”

On all of the running backs injuries in the spring and fall

“That’s why we’ve got those two young (Corey Kiner, Armoni Goodwin) backs. Now we’ve got everybody back except Tyrion. (Running backs coach) Kevin (Faulk) had a long line today, it looked good. Those two young backs are going to have to play. I like Tyrion, I like John (Emery), but they’ve going to have to stay healthy. If they don’t stay healthy, we’ll have to put in other guys.”

On the freshman wide receivers

“It’s not too big for them. They’re very capable of playing against the best guys on our team already. They’ve shown that. They’ve won some one on ones against some pretty good players. They’re humble, they’re hungry and wanting to learn. They catch the play well. Brian (Thomas) is the tallest one, the strongest one. Malik (Nabers) has such great body control. Chris (Hilton) is just a great athlete. He caught a slant and (scored) and he dunked it over the goal post. I though he was going hurt his head hitting the goal post. Deion (Smith) is very smooth, he’s long, makes some big plays and Jack Bech. It’s a great group of guys. They’re all going to play for us. They’re all going to have great years.”

On senior Jared Small earning playing time at linebacker

“He’s very quick to the football. . .can key and diagnosed. An experienced player. Plays with great leverage. He’s 5-11. He’s strong, has good speed and can cover. Micah Baskerville’s coming. He had a good practice today. He’s in some of the best shape he’s been in. Damone (Clark) is playing well. Bugg Strong’s a thumper and can hit. Those guys have really showed out. I think we have a good group of linebackers. We have to play all four of them.”

On the freshmen running backs

“Armoni has been making some big plays. He’s smooth, he’s fast and can get to the edge. He avoids tackles. He’s good with the ball in his hands. Corey’s a physical back. He didn’t show out as much as Armoni without the pads on, but with the pads Corey showed out. It’s hard to tackle him because he has a low center of gravity.”

On whether the entire team is vaccinated yet

“I think we’re down to one. Only one guy hasn’t gotten vaccinated, and I think he’s going to, so we’ll be at 100%. We’re at 100% with our coaching staff. Nobody been forced to do it. There were some reservations with some guys. They had spoken to some people. The situation is it’s best for the team to be vaccinated and I think we’ll be at 100%.”

On expecting if Tiger Stadium will be at 100 percent capacity this season

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. In the middle of camp guys have to get motivated and we showed some red zone plays and it was good to see that crowd from the (2019) Florida game. It’s motivational. We need them. I hope it’s 100%. Definitely in Death Valley it’s an advantage for us.”

On the offensive line, especially Chasen Hines

“Chasen’s been out for a little bit and may be back Monday. Anthony Bradford played some at tackle; we moved him back to guard. I see more of a physical attitude. I think our guys are working on physicality with (offensive line coach) Brad (Davis). I’m starting to see it in practice. Austin Deculus is leading them, Ed (Ingram), Liam (Shanahan), those guys being back helps. Cam (Wire) is solid at left tackle, doing a good job. I think the first group is going to be solid, the second group has to come along. Charles Turner missed a couple of days of practice, came back and has really done a good job for us. We’re building some depth, but we’re still not there yet.”

On rotating the linebackers

“Keep them fresh. Offenses are ‘Basketball on Grass’. They’re going 80-90 plays. If we can rotate our linebackers, two at each spot, then we’ll be better off. Then against some situational stuff, on third down, we may put in some different guys than we have on first and second down depending on the type of offense we’re playing. Someone’s during the season is going to get hurt, you’ve got to develop depth there.”

On Garrett Nussmeier pushing Max Johnson at quarterback

“Competition helps us all. Garrett’s stepped up. Max has stepped up. Both of those guys are working hard, both are having great camps. We knew Garrett was very talented, especially when he extends plays with his feet. He made some outstanding plays today. He hasn’t had many interceptions. He’s improved from the spring. He’s very focused. He’s a leader and has the ‘it’ factor out there. Our guys believe in him. I’m happy with both quarterbacks.”

On freshman defensive end Landon Jackson possibly helping with the lack of depth at tight end

“There’s a possibility of that. I promised his mother and father when I recruited him that he would play defensive line. Everyone wants him. The offensive line coach wants him. The tight ends coach wants him. I made a promise to him and his mother and father he’s going to play defensive line and he’s going to get a shot to play defensive line. He’s a very good defensive linemen. Right now, he’s full speed but it’s still hard for him to cut. He had a tough ankle injury (in high school). We’ve got to give him time, let him prove himself there and see what happens. That (playing tight end) is an option if that doesn’t work out.”

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