LSU identifies possible Mike VII at Florida rescue center

By CODY WORSHAM | Tiger Rag Editor

The search for a new Mike the Tiger could be over.

LSU announced Tuesday it had identified a potential Mike VII, currently living at the Wild at Heart Wildlife Center in Okeechobee, Fla. This rescue tiger is currently nine months old, 160 pounds, and would be donated to LSU, but the process of getting him on campus cannot begin until construction on his habitat is completed.

“The tiger cannot be transported to LSU until the updates are complete,” the university said in a release. “The current plan is to have the tiger arrive mid-August. Once the tiger arrives, he will be kept in the night house for approximately one week for quarantine and acclimation; he will not be visible to the public during this time. If the quarantine/acclimation period goes well, the tiger will be released into his yard, at which time he will be declared Mike VII. LSU will announce in advance the day and time that the tiger will be out in his yard for the first time.”


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