Cam Cameron will return to press box for Jacksonville State game

Tiger Rag Editor

LSU’s experiment sidelining Cam Cameron is done.

The offensive coordinator will return to the press box for LSU’s contest against Jacksonville State, Les Miles said Tuesday.

“We did not get as much information from the box as we liked,” said Miles. “We look to reverse that. There’s two young quarterbacks that can help Brandon (Harris) off the field, as well as Dameyune Craig.”

Cameron first appeared on the sidelines in LSU’s 56-27 win over Texas Tech in the Texas Bowl last December. That game, the Tigers exploded for 638 yards of offense. Cameron originally left the press box at the request of starting quarterback Brandon Harris in an effort to improve communication.

“Early on I wanted him to be on the sideline when the season started,” Harris said earlier this fall. “He’s the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach and you don’t necessarily have a quarterbacks coach on the sideline to run through what you see. It’s just better, no transition with him down there. He’s able to see certain things. We’re together as a team. He’s got a better vantage up there in the box, but we had one of our better games — I know it wasn’t an SEC opponents — offensively and collectively with communication when he was on the sideline (in the Texas Bowl).

“Cam is a guy I idolize. It’s like having my dad here. With him on the sideline being able to communicate with me, me being able to look over there and look at his eyes and see if we’re on the same page, it’s important as a quarterback.”

However, Miles noted that LSU had to burn two timeouts in the second half of the 16-14 loss to Wisconsin due to communication issues and loss of audio through headsets.

“Cam is pretty good, as good a view of offense, and can really tell what’s going on on offense and defense from (the press box), as opposed to having it relayed directly in between calls,” said Miles. “We feel like we’ll reverse that step and put him back in the box.”


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