Miles: LSU offense needs to “find the recipe” for success

Les Miles LSU offense

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The ingredients are all there, says Les Miles.

Now, LSU’s offense just needs to find the right recipe.

In the wake of the Tigers’ 16-14 loss at Wisconsin, Miles said his offense isn’t broken beyond repair, despite gaining just 257 yards on Saturday.

“I think if we had five more passes, I think if a couple of those runs were returned into touchdowns, I think that you would look at us and look at the Texas Tech fix and say, hmm, a lot of similarities,” Miles said.  “I think you would consider it an offense that has the width and breadth to take advantage of an opponent, so I can’t imagine that — I think what everybody is saying is, geez, you know, let’s go for 600 yards and let’s put 50 on people, and we’re for that.”

LSU racked up more than 600 yards in the Texas Bowl last December to close out the 2015 year. Just weeks earlier, Miles had survived a near-firing, with whispers of offensive overhauls to come. Miles said Monday those changes were on display Saturday.

“We were spread in two back,” he said. “We had some big plays out of two back, and we really operate out of three personnel groups, and it’s three wides, doubles, four, a regular and two tight ends.

“The issue is we have to find the recipe that allows that to happen because we have talent. I promise you this: We’ve recruited well, and there’s some really, really good kids here and good people. We’re fighting it, and we’re seeing what we can get to.”

Miles added that he’s not averse to offensive changes. Rather, for him, it’s about matching up with each opponent as best as possible.

“There’s not a lot off the board,” he said. “You have plenty of choices. I don’t think change is something that we avoid in any way. I think that it’s really how best do we attack our opponents, given the skills and talents that we have.”

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  1. Wow! Miles SAYS he is actually considering giving Etling a chance to play a down in a game! And here I was thinking Miles was stubborn. You mean IF Harris doesn’t show improvement before the end of this season Miles might actually try the second stringer! Sounds like he is really ready to make some meaningful changes! I’m afraid I drank the kool-ade before. Having seen Harris show some real ability to pass and run at times, I actually thought this would be THE YEAR when LSU put it all together. Then I sat through last Saturday. The final blow came when, having every chance to pull out a win, Harris avoided the rush, and looking like he could have run for 10 yards or more, he instead seemed to panic and threw up his final interception.

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