Everything Coach O said in Wednesday’s weekly SEC football coaches media teleconference

Opening statement

Obviously, a lot of praise for Kentucky. Coach (Mark) Stoops is doing a great job. They’re an excellent team. They play very well in all phases. It’s a big challenge for us. There are a lot of things for us to fix here at LSU. We’re working on things all week. Our team has had a positive approach. We’ve had good practices.

On defensive back Derek Stingley Jr.’s surgical procedure

You’ve got to look at and play it by ear. It was an injury that was nagging, went to a doctor, got it taken care of. We don’t know when he’ll be back or if he will be back. Obviously, if he came back we’d be happy. If not, we have to carry on.

I think if he can (come back), I think he will. Knowing Derek and talking to him, he wants to come back with this team. Obviously, I think you know that’s a decision a family has to make. I think each individual is different.

On whether changing offensive line coaches in mid-summer has led to a poor running game

I’m never going to use that as a coach. (Offensive line coach) Brad (Davis) is a good coach. We need to be more committed to the run. We’re doing some different things this week where they can help us with the run. But obviously, having a new coach in the middle of the summer teaching different things could affect stuff, but it shouldn’t be to the extent that we’re not very good running the football. That should not be a factor.

I think it’s a combination of (lack of) commitment to the run. I think the style of run we’re doing is not working, so we have to change some things. I think that has more to do with it than anything.

On Dwight McGlothern and others replacing the injured Stingley at cornerback

Dwight has played very well. We always have (safety) Jay Ward (who can also play cornerback) if we have to, we don’t want to do that. (Safety) Major Burns is out this game. Hopefully, Todd Harris can come back and get some plays for us.

But Eli Ricks, Dwight McGlothern, Raydarious Jones are going to have to play.

On redirecting the focus of returning players from a national championship team after losing games

The challenge is looking at it and fixing the things that are real. These are the things we have to fix. When you look at it like that, very constructively, say `These are the things we’re doing well, these are the things we have to fix’, and show it to them on film, show them `Is it a technique or a lineman call?’ If you give them a solution, then you have a shot.

On the challenge of the remaining schedule of six ranked SEC teams

That’s the SEC. That’s why you come here. It’s been like that almost every year. Our national championship year, we beat six out of 10 top 10 teams. So that’s what it takes to be in the SEC, that’s what it takes to be a champion. We know that. But we’ve got to look at it one game at a time and the first game we’ve got to look at is Kentucky.

On living by his mantra “Flip The Script” and how does he do that this year

Take it one game at a time. We’ve been here before. We just have to keep on looking at the things we can fix, be constructive, believe in our coaching staff, believe in our team. Better block out the noise because there’s a lot of noise out there, we know that. We’ve been here before. We can handle it. It’s a matter of playing better. Just go play Kentucky and win this game. That’s all we can focus (on).

On what LSU players have stepped up as leaders

I really like Damone Clark and what he’s doing. I think the guy has got tremendously better. He’s doing a great job. BJ Ojulari (is a) outstanding leader, Ali Gaye. On offense on the line, Austin Deculus and Ed Ingram have been great for us, Keyshon Boutte has been fantastic, Max Johnson. . .those guys have been real good leaders for us. . .and also Avery Atkins.

On what impresses him about Kentucky’s offensive line

Their zone blocking scheme is very good. They know how to pick stuff up. They work well in combinations together. Their running back (Chris Rodriguez Jr.) is a really good running back but I know he credits his offensive line. Whoever the offensive line coach is, he’s doing a tremendous job. I like the way they work together, I like the way they come off the ball, especially their run blocking and zone blocking schemes are fantastic.

On former LSU starting left tackle Dare Rosenthal, who transferred this past summer to Kentucky after he failed drug tests that would have suspended him for several LSU games

With Dare, something had to happen and it (his transfer) was out of my control. I’m glad he gets to play and I’m glad he’s playing on an undefeated team. I’m happy for him. I think he’s playing very well. I recruited Dare out of Ferriday High, so obviously I wish him the best, just like all our players, just not against us.

On Kentucky starting quarterback Will Levis, who transferred from Penn State

The way he operates, the plays they are calling and the style of offense fits him very well. I’m very impressed that he knows exactly where to go with the football according to coverages. That’s a matter of instinct, a matter of technique, but it’s a matter of knowledge of the offense. His coaches are doing a very good job of coaching him. He has an excellent run game, an excellent play-action pass game. He has some good athletes to throw the football to.

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