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Tiger Rag Extra is Tiger Rag’s new, FREE publication. All across Baton Rouge, you can find The Bible of LSU Sports eight times a year. Pick up a copy, and grab some for your friends.


In our latest issue of Tiger Rag Extra, we feature LSU Legends Ashleigh Gnat, Joyce Walker, Ramsey Dardar and many more.








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TRX1 CoverVolume 1, Issue 1 of Tiger Rag Extra focuses on LSU’s trifecta of stars: Ben Simmons, Leonard Fournette, and Alex Lange. Each is arguably the most talented player in his sport across the entire country. How does having three iconic athletes on LSU’s campus at the same time affect Baton Rouge?

Also in our first issue, we highlight the 10 year anniversary of the 2006 LSU Final Four team, in their own words, while breaking down LSU’s 2016 football signing class.


Vol. 1, Issue 2: Married to the Game

TRX2 cover








Vol. 1, Issue 3: The Legends Issue

TRX 3 Cover








Vol. 1, Issue 4: Football Preview Edition

Vol. 1, Issue 5: 2016/2017 Basketball Preview Edition

Vol. 1, Issue 6: Tiger Rag’s Top 25 Edition

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