REPORT: Will Wade to be subpoenaed in corruption trial

LSU basketball coach Will Wade has been sent a preliminary notification that he will be subpoenaed for the federal basketball corruption trial, according to a report from Yahoo Sports citing multiple anonymous sources.

In his meeting with the media Monday, Wade said he had just heard about the report minute prior to walking into the media room of the PMAC.

“I just saw it,” Wade said. “I had not heard anything until I just saw it when I walked in here.

“I really haven’t been following (the corruption trial) at all that closely. I’ve been focused on our team. … We have to focus on playing A&M. I focus on our team and our guys, staying locked in with them and helping them continue to win.”

Wade came under fire in October when his name was mentioned in the first federal trial as a transcript of an alleged conversation between him and Christian Dawkins — who was found guilty of multiple felony fraud charges in that trial — was read aloud by attorneys representing Adidas executive Jim Gatto.

The subject of the alleged conversation was a recruit named Balsa Koprivica.

Donnelly read the conversation this way, according to reports:

“Would you want Balsa?” Dawkins asked.
“Oh, the big kid?” Wade responded.
Dawkins confirmed.
“OK, but there is other [expletive] involved in it,” Wade said. “Wait, I’ve got to shut the door … I can get you what you need, but it’s got to work.”

During the Southeastern Conference’s basketball media day, Wade denied doing “business of any kind with Christian Dawkins.”

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