Report: Leonard Fournette insured by two $10 million policies

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A story from CBS on Thursday revealed LSU running back Leonard Fournette was covered by two separate $10 million insurance policies, a safeguard against injury or other stock-decreasing factors before he embarks on a professional career.

“I don’t think about it,” Fournette told CBS Sports. “This is the second time I’m actually talking about it. I leave everything in God’s hands.”

One policy protects Fournette in case of injury, like ones suffered by prior SEC stalwarts Marcus Lattimore and Todd Gurley, whose pro careers went in opposite directions. The other protects Fournette should something cause him to fall in the NFL Draft, perhaps a safety net in case of a La’El Collins-like draft day disaster, when the former Tiger went unselected due to a dubious connection to a murder he was later cleared of any connection to.

The story also mentions former LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell, citing a source that claimed the No. 1 pick in the 2007 NFL Draft was insured for $20 million while in college.

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