LSU’s new-look, tight-end friendly offense is like a son, Foster Moreau explains

ATLANTA — For the third time in three seasons, Foster Moreau is beginning the fall with a new offensive coordinator.

Cam Cameron gave way to Steve Ensminger, who gave way to Matt Canada, who gave way to Ensminger yet again. For Moreau, as much as any player on LSU’s offense, there’s a comfort level with Ensminger – the one constant in Moreau’s career has been Ensminger as his tight ends coach for years one and two.

“We’re used to the style,” Moreau said Monday at SEC Media Days. “The older guys, the guys who have been in the program two or three years are used to Coach Ensminger’s style, of how he incorporates plays and how he likes to game plan. We went from Coach Ensminger to Coach Canada, and now we’re going back to Coach Ensminger. I really like Coach Ensminger’s system, and it’s been pretty seamless, with chopping up every part of the install where we can manage it practice by practice.”

Moreau, LSU’s top returning receiver (24 catches, 248 yards, 3 TDs) also likes Ensminger’s affinity for tight ends, on display for eight games when Ensminger replaced Cameron after four games in 2016 as LSU’s interim OC. Don’t be surprised if this is the year the proverbial aphorism of LSU’s offense featuring the tight end actually holds up.

“I hope so,” said Moreau, asked if the new offense will be tight end friendly. “He’s a tight ends coach. He’s always done a great job with me, getting me incorporated with the offense. Two years ago, I think we had close to 40 tight end coaches int he span of eight games. That was really great to see. He does fit the tight end into the practice and we can get them the ball in the game. I think we have some great tight ends this year who can handle the ball.”

How different LSU’s offense looks from 2017 – or even Ensminger’s culled-together 2016 attack – remains to be seen, but Moreau expects it to have its own distinctive look. He doesn’t feel he’s the best judge, though. He’s a little too close to the situation, a belief he expressed analogously.

The end result, we want to win,” he said. “We just go day by day. We can’t see the impact of everything around it until we get to that first Miami game.

“When you guys see it first, I’m sure you guys will be able to tell as a whole how it looks. But since we’re around it…it’s kind of like being with your son all the time, and you never really see him grow. And then, until one day, you’re like, ‘Oh wow.’ You’re taken aback by how tall he’s grown, if you see pictures or you mark a wall. I think that’ll be how it goes.”

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