LSU’s athletic program finishes 15h nationally in Director’s Cup standings

A national championship in men’s track and field and top five placings for indoor men’s and women’s track and field, the gymnastics team and beach volleyball squad propelled LSU to finish 15th in the Directors’ Cup for the 2020-21 athletic season.

The Directors’ Cup was developed as a joint effort between the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) and USA Today. Points are awarded based on each institution’s finish in NCAA Championships. Complete standings and the scoring structure can be found on NACDA’s website at

Texas won the Director’s Cup for the first time with Stanford in second. Michigan and North Carolina rounded out the top four.

LSU, one of eight Southeastern Conference schools finishing in the Top 25, earned 895 points in 15 sports topped by the 100 points in men’s track and field for its championship captured last month at Oregon. LSU added another combined 175 points for its second-place finish in men’s indoor track and field competition and third in women’s track and field.

Gymnastics won 72.75 points for its T5 placing and beach volleyball’s T3 finish earned LSU 55 points.

These are the points each LSU sport scored along with its national finish in NCAA Championship events:

LSU Sport/Directors’ Cup Points/NCAA Finish

Men’s Track and Field/100 points/ No. 1

Men’s Indoor Track and Field/90 points/ No. 2

Women’s Indoor Track and Field/85 points/ No. 3

Women’s Track and Field/73.5 points/No. 6

Women’s Gymnastics/72.75 points/No. 5

Women’s Golf/68.25 points/No. 9

Baseball/64 points/No. 9

Softball/64 points/No. 9

Beach Volleyball/55 points/No. 3

Men’s Basketball/50 points/No. 17

Women’s Tennis/50 points/ No. 19

Women’s Swimming/43.5 points/No. 30

Men’s Swimming/38 points/No. 18

Men’s Tennis/25 points/No. 33

Men’s Golf/16 points/No. 55

2021 Director’s Cup Final Standings

1. Texas, 1,252 points

2. Stanford, 1,195.75 points

3. Michigan, 1,126.50 points

4. North Carolina, 1,126.25 points

5. Florida, 1,121.75 points

6. USC, 1,052 points

7. Alabama, 1,017.25 points

8. Arkansas 988.75 points

9. Ohio State, 972.50 points

10. Georgia, 971.50 points

11. Virginia, 970.25 points

12. Kentucky, 960.25 points

13. UCLA, 933.25 points

14. Notre Dame, 900 points

15. LSU, 895 points

16. Florida State, 893 points

17. BYU, 871.25 points

18. Oklahoma State, 860.50 points

19. Texas A&M, 846.25 points

20 Arizona State, 840 points

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