Gordon McKernan talking Collectives, NIL and the current status of LSU in the wild, wild west

TigerRag.com’s Audible’s podcast – May 15 2024 – Louisiana attorney Gordon McKernan is one LSU’s top donors, fundraisers, financial supporters, fans and an NIL leader and pioneer. The G Man sits down with Jeff Palermo and Todd Horne to talk about the latest NIL muckety-muck Brian Kelly and LSU found themselves in as they searched the transfer portal for some much-needed defensive help. McKernan’s got deep, real insight not only into what’s going on with LSU’s NIL and Bayou Traditions’ Collective, but also stays on top of the situation overall at the NCAA and even congressional levels. This is a must-listen to segment if you want to understand where LSU, Brian Kelly and Scott Woodward are coming from and where they are going as NIL is due from some radical changes, potentially in the next two weeks even, as the NCAA hopes to settle an antitrust lawsuit by May 23 – one that the NCAA could settle and bring some structure and stability to NIL – finally.

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