Fall Camp Report: Day Two Afternoon

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The media got a slightly longer look at the freshmen today, enjoying three periods of action before being sent home for the day.

Rather than play roll call (just take all the guys who weren’t there this morning…that’s who was there this afternoon, basically), I tried to observe each position group generally, with a focus on the quarterbacks.

Here’s what I saw


A few guys physically look the part of freshmen who can make an impact early.

Up front, both Edwin Alexander and Rashard Lawrence have a ready-to-play physique. Lawrence carries his 300 plus pounds very, very well. I wouldn’t call him trim, but he’s well-built. I could see him playing tackle or end. Alexander is all tackle. He’s huge and his elite skill is the ability to occupy blockers.

At end, Sci Martin is another who looks the part. I wouldn’t be surprised if he slots in behind Lewis Neal at that more athletic end spot by season’s end.

The linebacker load was relatively slim, but there’s nothing slim about Rahssan Thornton. He wins the early award for most physically impressive freshman. Dude’s got guns. Not sure if that translates to playing time, but he fills out the pads well.

In the secondary, Saivion Smith and Kristian Fulton look a step ahead of their counterparts. Greedy Williams, Cameron Lewis, and Eric Monroe are clearly talented, and will benefit from Tommy Moffitt’s weight program. Smith and Fulton are built for the SEC already.


I spent a good chunk of time watching the quarterbacks. To me, Justin McMillan is well ahead of Lindsey Scott, which is to be expected for the redshirt freshman as compared to the true one. McMillan can really spin it, and he’s filling out well. Give him another year of tutelage behind Brandon Harris, and I think he has the tools to be an SEC quarterback. He threw it well.

Scott is still coming. He was really fighting the wind. A strong north breeze was at the back of both quarterbacks, and while McMillan’s tight spirals cut through its effect, Scott’s throws were hanging up in the wind and falling off target. The good news was that by drill’s end, he’d found his arm and made three or four good throws to close things out after a tough start.

At receiver, Dee Anderson is so polished for a freshman. I don’t know that he passes up Jazz Ferguson and Tyron Johnson in the battle for the fourth receiver spot, but he’s really good.

Caleb Roddy continues to work at tight end. His teammates called him “New Dillon Gordon” when he ran through the combine drill. He’s the kind of massive blocker Les Miles loves at that spot.




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