Audio: Re-living LSU’s 1974 brawl with Vanderbilt in Baton Rouge

In 1974, LSU defeated Vanderbilt 84-81 in Baton Rouge, behind 23 points from Glenn Hansen and 19 points from Ed Palubinskas.

The story of the day, however, was the melee that broke out with just over a minute left to play. LSU’s Wade Evans and Vanderbilt’s Jan Van Breda Kolff began trading blows, and Collis Temple Jr., fouled out of the game minutes earlier, came flying in from the bench with a two-footed kick.

Soon, the fight came from the stands. Vanderbilt fan Robert Dudley Smith ran onto the floor, clashing with head coach Dale Brown, before getting handcuffed and arrested.

On Tuesday, before LSU’s home tilt with Vanderbilt, Smith joined “Talk Louisiana” on WRKF to re-live that day with Tiger Rag President Jim Engster.

Listen below.

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