Women of LSU Football: Lois Stuckey

Name: Lois Stuckey

Year Hired: 1999

Title: Administrative Coordinator

Claim to Fame: Keeper of the Secret Playbook

If Matt Canada needs any help drawing up plays for his new offense in 2017, he might want to swing by Lois Stuckey’s desk.

Stuckey, the program’s administrative coordinator, doesn’t have a particularly strong football acumen from which Canada could benefit.

But she does answer the phones when fans call. She does read the emails fans send. She even sees the faxes.

Apparently, the fax machines aren’t just for Signing Day. They’re for fans, too.

“They fax plays,” she says. “They mail in plays. They will call with plays.”

How many of those plays make it from Stuckey’s desk to Canada’s is not a matter of public record. But Stuckey doesn’t mind the input from the Tiger faithful.

Not even a little bit.

“You really see the passion of the place,” she says. “That’s a good thing. If they weren’t that passionate about it, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

Stuckey is no stranger to passion for LSU. She grew up coming to games with her family, taking in the view from the west side of Tiger Stadium. She still sits in the west bleachers, in fact.

So when she was laid off from another job in the summer of 1999, six-month-old son in tow, she jumped at the chance to work for LSU. She landed an interview with Gerry DiNardo after working on the board of directors for the Bengal Belles and, she says, “the rest is history.”

“It was the best thing that ever happened,” she says of being laid off. “Change tends to be good. I always say, ‘Little God things.’ I owe Coach DiNardo a ton for letting me be a part of something I grew up in.”

Because of DiNardo, her children, too, have grown up in LSU football. Her oldest son, Jeremy, graduated last year after four years working with the Golden Band. Her youngest, Chase, starts LSU this fall. It’s no wonder Lois doesn’t just see rows of seats when she gazes around Tiger Stadium.

“I have memories scattered throughout that stadium,” she says. “It’s neat to look back on.”


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Cody Worsham

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