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On the eve of LSU’s departure for the SEC Tournament in Nashville, Tigers’ assistant head coach David Patrick joined Tiger Rag Radio to talk about Ben Simmons, LSU’s up and down season, and the Tigers’ mentality heading into the postseason.

On Ben Simmons’ handling of the media scrutiny…

“He’s not a pro yet, but he’s handled it like a pro. It’s the reason he came to college – not so much for the scrutiny, but being able to be on a platform like this at LSU, to play on ESPN. It’s a blessing to have your name mentioned. You don’t want the negatives that comes with it, but that’s what happens when you’re good.”

On Antonio Blakeney’s improvement…

“He’s probably our hardest worker…Antonio’s in the gym 24/7. He went through a rough patch there like a lot of freshmen do, but the good thing for him is he stayed at it. He worked relentlessly in the gym. He stayed in the office watching film. It was just a matter of time for him to get comfortable and break through on the college level…Now he’s comfortable out there and feels like no one can stop him.”

On Tim Quarterman’s up-and-down season…

“He’s been up and down. He’s hit a junior slump – some guys hit a sophomore slump, Tim didn’t play a lot for us as a freshman. Last year was the year he jumped on the scene and made a splash…He had a great year last year, and with that comes high expectations. When Tim is good, he’s really good, and we’re really good. His struggle now is trying to get him to stay consistent. What’s a little unique about Tim’s position is Ben is a different beast, so to speak. Tim’s a primary ball handler, and Ben handles the ball a lot, so at times Tim has to find his way out there on the floor.”

Check out the full interview below.

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