Everything LSU starting QB Myles Brennan said in Wednesday’s Zoom media teleconference

LSU starting quarterback Myles Brennan held a 14-minute Zoom teleconference with reporters Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s what he had to say:

On how he’s handled adversity throughout his career, culminating with the coronavirus pandemic

“The 2017 coaching change is bound to happen in this business. I committed under Les (Myles) and Coach (Cam) Cameron. They ended up getting fired. Come in with Coach (Matt) Canada and then he’s gone. Then, Coach (Steve) Ensminger comes in with his offense. Then Coach (Joe) Brady brings his offense. Then here we are. COVID gets in the way. All that is just going to do is prepare me to be a better person in the end and be stronger.”

On his progress of developing chemistry with WE Ja’Marr Chase and the rest of the receivers

“This next month is going to be huge because it’s the first time we’ve been able to go against the defense since spring ball. We’ve been throwing for long time since (returning from) quarantine. Now we’re able to go against the defense and be with live bullets, we’re at the next level. This next month and next few weeks are going to be important for us to continue to get our timing down and continue to jell with each other.”

On finding ways to be productive and prepare for season while at home during the quarantine

“Personally and as a team I know we took advantage of those 11 weeks even though we weren’t able to be with each other every day. I know our strength staff sent us videos to stay on top of our strength and conditioning. I know I was doing everything in my power every day to get ready.”

On if his relationship with offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger helps him transition to becoming a starter

“It helps a lot. He has been here since day one with me. He’s played the position and he’s played it here. So, when he gives advice when he’s coaching us, it’s coming from a first-hand guy who has been through it and been through it here. This is my fourth year with him in the same room, and it’s pretty nice.”

On the challenges of an extended preseason camp waiting for the Sept. 26 opener

“I don’t see many challenges ahead of us, because it gives us more time to get better each and every day. With all the time we lost in the spring, we needed as much time as we can to make up for what we lost.”

On how the offense has been installed during the pandemic

“I feel like I know the offense really well at this point. It all really started going back to quarantine. I know we would Zoom every morning (with the offensive coaches) at 8 ’o clock and we would keep installing the offense. Then, we got back in June we clicked the re-start button and went back to day one. Then when we started camp, we clicked the re-start button again. I’ve lost track how many times we’ve installed the offense now. It’s a good thing for our guys to keep hearing the terminology and keep seeing everything.”

On his weight gain

I was probably 175 when I came here as freshman. Now I’m 218 to 220. To this point it has been difficult. Now, I feel I’ve flattened my curve a bit. I hit like 2221 during quarantine and I was 220 when I came back to LSU in June. I took a deep breath and was like `I’m getting somewhere this season.”

On staying healthy and safe

“I do live by myself, which is nice in terms of going through all this stuff right now. When I get done with football (practice), I’m going back to my apartment and eating dinner. I’m watching film, I’m studying. Fortunately, I have online classes, so I don’t have to be on campus as much, which is nice.

On why he didn’t transfer

It’s been talked about, probably a good bit. I thought about it, I wouldn’t say a lot but it has crossed my mind in previous years. Like I said before, there’s a reason I came here. I feel very confident in my decision for staying here. When I came in, I knew I was going to have to fight for a starting position. And I’m still fighting and I have to earn that position. But I wasn’t going to let adversity or any challenges get in the way and make me crumble. I was going to stay strong and bite the bullet and fight each day until I won and earned what I deserved. Here I am today, still fighting each and every day to earn that position. Every morning I wake up and just tell myself `Win The Day” and be the best I can.”

On tailoring the playbook on what he does best

I feel really really really comfortable with the whole playbook. I know this sounds crazy, but this playbook reminds me so much of what I did in high school (St. Stanislaus in Bay St. Louis, Miss.) in terms of RPOs and throwing the ball downfield. Just putting the ball in our playmakers hands and let them make plays is the biggest thing.

On how close he is with his offensive line

“Those guys better be my best friends. I feel really close with our offensive line. A lot of those guys were in the same (recruiting) class I am, we all came in together. Ed (Ingram), Austin (Decalus). . .they have to be my best friends and they are. I have a good relationship with them, and they have a good relationship with me.

On new freshman tight end Erik Gilbert

“It’s crazy. He runs like a receiver, but he has the body type of a tight end. I don’t think he missed a single pass since we’ve started camp. He’s an outstanding athlete and we’re very very very grateful to have him on the roster.”

On being a vocal leader after not having to play that role his first three seasons

“I didn’t think it was that difficult, because ever since I’ve been here I’ve been the leader I am. I know Joe (Burrow) came in and he took up that responsibility. But that doesn’t mean I stopped being a leader. I led in everything I did, whether it was scout team or making sure our team was ready to play on Saturday. It carried over and I really just stepped into the shoes I’ve been waiting for this whole time.”

On being someone who doesn’t like to sit still, who doesn’t like being idle

“Anybody in my family can tell you I hate sitting still. I want to be doing something, whether it’s outside or inside. I feel like I’m a hands-on guy who wants at the end of the day to just wants to get better and be the best version of myself.”

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