Eleven LSU coaches receive salary raises and/or contract extensions

Russell Brock, LSU's head beach volleyball coach, received a $10,000 salary raise to $100,000 for 2020.

The LSU Board of Supervisors on Friday approved raises and/or contact extensions for head coaches of five sports and for assistant coaches of two sports.

Here’s the list:


Russell Brock, beach volleyball: Had contract extended to June 30, 2025 and received $10,000 salary increase from $90,000 to $100,000 for 2020, and then increasing in $5,000 increments for the last five years of contract.

Garrett Reunion, women’s golf: Had contract extended three years to June 30, 2023 and received a $30,000 salary increase from $110,000 to $140,000 for 2020-21 with $5,000 annual increases for the last two years of the contract.

Andi Brandi and Chris Brandi, men’s tennis: Both received one-year contract extensions to expire on June 30, 2023.

Julia Sell and Mike Sell, women’s tennis: Both received two-year contract extensions to expire on June 30, 2023.

Dave Geyer and Doug Shaffer, men’s and women’s swimming: Received a one-year contract extension to expire June 30, 2023


Bill Armstrong, men’s basketball: Received salary increase by $50,000 to $375,000 with a two-year contract to expire June 30, 2022.

Kevin Nickelberry, men’s basketball: Promoted from assistant to the head coach to assistant coach in replacing Greg Heiar who left the staff and awarded a two-year contract to expire June 30, 2022 at $300,000 annually.

Steve Mellor, swimming and diving: Receiving a $10,000 salary increase to $58,000 and changing his title to “Associate Head Coach”. His one-year contract expires June 30, 2021.

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