What’s next for LSU baseball? | Tiger Rag Podcast

What’s next for LSU baseball? | Tiger Rag Podcast
Tiger Rag Podcast

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James takes a look into his future ball (and his notes) to give Tiger fans a detailed look at what they can expect from the 2020 LSU baseball team.

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Tyler Nunez was named Assistant Editor of Tiger Rag in September 2018. He covers LSU football and basketball and is a graduate of the LSU Manship School of Journalism.


  1. In order to get back we need a new coaching staff especially pitching and head coach. How is it every year pitching is the problem hurt arms the teams that we play against never have this problem and when our pitchers get in a jam not the pitching coach or head coach go out until we are with tied up or behind other coaches out there quick

  2. I totally agree I wish he had gone to Texas if he indeed was offered the job. Looks like we are on the same path as with Les Miles. It’s always the same song just next verse but we just keep playing sing along with Paul.

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