A Different Kind of Aggie | Tiger Rag Podcast

A Different Kind of Aggie | Tiger Rag Podcast
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LSU will take on Utah State in some oppressive heat beginning Saturday morning. How do the Tigers match up with the Aggies and what can we expect from the LSU defense against Utah State’s “Warp Speed” offense?

James and Tyler break everything down and even talk a bit about the new California bill that will allow student athletes to earn money off their likeness.

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Tyler Nunez is a former Assistant Editor of Tiger Rag. He covered LSU football and basketball and was a graduate of the LSU Manship School of Journalism.

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  1. Guys I love the show, I would like to offer one suggestion. Please, please, please stop stepping on each other when you’re speaking. You have to allow one another to finish expressing your thoughts before the other starts speaking.

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