SPRING CAMP REPORT: Magee back at practice
4/2/2014 10:21:56 AM

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The weather is warming up, but Spring practice is clearly cooling down out there. It's obvious this is the home stretch, and the staff is slowing things down before the Spring Game.

All the position groups were walking through out there. Big Cat and tackle drills were cut WAY down. I think there were 4 reps total between the two drills. LSU has dealt with a lot of bumps and bruises this spring, and I think the goal is to get those guys out of spring healthy.

That said, I did more roll taking than analyzing today.

The WRs were almost a full squad today. Kevin Spears was out there. Avery Peterson was too. John Diarse was in green, but he was practicing. Looks like the QBs will have a chance to throw the ball to some scholarship guys this weekend.

At RB, Terrence Magee is back out there. He was in green but running through the drills. That means he and Kenny Hilliard are the two scholarship guys at RB.

La'el Collins was not at practice today. That shook things up on the OL. Jerald Hawkins played the left tackle. Vadal Alexander went to right tackle. Evan Washington was the left guard. Hoko Fanaika was at right guard. Then Elliot Porter had to leave practice, so Pocic was the center. That meant no one was at their usual spot, but it's still a line I would feel comfortable with.

ON the DL, Tashawn Bower and Justin Maclin were in green. The rest of the guys looked to be a go. On that note, I'm not certain that Christian LaCouture isn't the best defensive lineman on the roster right now.

The linebackers look healthy. Lamar Louis is the only guy being held out.

Corey Raymond's DB group is healthy and in attendance. Even the second unit will be very talented if that's some combination of Rickey Jefferson, Dwayne Thomas, Ed Paris and Jalen Collins.

Andy Dodd was not in green today. The OL looks good.

The TEs are all healthy and look great.

Then you look at the QBs. I thought it was telling that Les Miles said "both quarterbacks" a couple of times after the scrimmage Saturday. That's Jennings and Harris. His words, not ours.

One more workout for LSU. The students will be out there, so it'll be a circus. I'm looking forward to Saturday, but today wasn't too revealing, and Thursday won't be either.   

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