SPRING CAMP REPORT: Cameron getting verbal with skill players
3/18/2014 5:38:19 PM
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LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has been calmly encouraging to his young offensive skill players for most of the spring, but that was not the case in the portion of the practice open to media Tuesday.

Cameron was demanding and loud, making the same players run drills over and over again until they executed properly and up to his standards. On one occasion, sophomore quarterback Anthony Jennings and wide receiver John Diarse failed to complete a slant route on three straight plays without going against a defense.

That really drew Cameron's ire.

"There's no defense out here!" Cameron yelled. "Catch the football! We're going to run 1950s football until we get this. We're going to run one route all year."

The offensive players went through a few new drills during Tuesday's practice, at least from our limited perspective. Normally, receivers and running backs start out with a series of stations where they work on catching the ball. Not so on Tuesday.

The running backs and recievers both worked on ball security to start individual drills while the quarterbacks worked on catching low snaps. At one point, Cameron had his quarterbacks lining up behind the goal post, where he would throw the snap to them. Again, Cameron was demanding.

"You've got to catch the football!" he said after a few drops. "I don't want any more dropped balls in drills, you understand me? Enough is enough."

The quarterbacks and receivers did eventually move into their usual route tree. Freshman quarterback Brandon Harris is still a step behind the others while he picks up the nuances of Cameron's system, but he showed off some serious skill with his arm.

With LSU receivers running vertical routes downfield and Cameron urging his quarterbacks to throw the ball as hard as they can into a pretty stiff wind, Harris dropped a few beautiful bombs on the money. Hayden Rettig also showed off his arm with a few nice throws as well, a couple of which drew some praise from Cameron.

Based strictly on watching those throws and not having the benefit of watching the quarterbacks work against a live defense, it's pretty clear that Jennings' arm is not at Harris' or Rettig's level. But there are a lot more things that go into being a quarterback. The spring game should provide an example of how he's progressed as far as leading an offense is concerned.

Other news and notes: Avery Peterson was still not healthy enough to practice, but he was out there watching his teammates go through drills. He looks like he's still walking with a limp ... Kevin Spears was practicing today ... Terrence Magee looked explosive when running through a gauntlet drill ... Jarvis Landry was at practice today.


BBI Senior Writer

We got another look at the Tigers this afternoon under perfect blue skies with temps in the 60s. It was a great day to be out there.

There were some violent collisions in the Big Cat Drill.

Jordan Allen absolutely ran through DeSean Smith who is clearly not suited for the Big Cat. He's been popped pretty good the couple of times we've seen him out there. Logan Stokes took it to MJ Patterson. Duke Riley fired off and gave Melvin Jones a jolt.Dillon Gordon, who is enormous, had his way with Tashawn Bower.

We got a look at a little goal line drill. The ball-carrier stood four yards from the goal line and had to run over a pad where the defended had to keep him out of the endzone.

D.J. Welter tackled Melvin Jones. The rest of the drill, which only lasted three reps, fizzled.

They went through a gauntlet drill a few minutes later. The defensive backs had to run through three wide receivers to get to a dummy at the end. After shedding the first wideout, the second receiver would block the defensive back and so on.

Jalen Collins, Rickey Jefferson and Dwayne Thomas looked very good. Of course, Thomas' rep was against Rob Bolden and two walk ons.

Ed Paris also looked strong in his run.

Quantavius Leslie struggled blocking, and Travin Dural did a nice job of blocking.

Here were a couple of notes from the defense which I looked at today.

Ronnie Feist was not dressed but observing practice. I didn't see Ronald Martin out there. Kendell Beckwith was in green but going through all the noncontact drills and looking fine doing it. He also didn't have any noticeable tape or anything. Rashard Robinson was not out there, either.

The defensive backs look good out there. I watched Ed Paris a good bit, and he looks like a player. He's got good size, moves well, is quick in and out of cuts, and he catches the ball. Paris has the look of a really good player. I also think Rickey Jefferson has had a nice couple of weeks running with Jalen Mills and the first unit.

John Chavis liked the reps Lamar Louis gave him in the pass coverage drills. That's still not quite Beckwith's forte. He's got some work to do there.

Maquedius Bain appears to be the defensive lineman who garners the most praise out there. He had a good rep in the Big Cat Drill against KJ Malone and seems to be the young player who understands pad level the best. That's all we hear about out there. I keep writing this, but it's true. We won't be able to draw much from the DL in spring drills. We'll get a better look at the guys in the spring game. Right now the first unit is still: Allen, LaCouture, Thomas, Hunter. Obviously that's without Rasco working out.

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