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3/10/2014 10:03:49 PM
Brandon Harris throws a pass during spring camp. Photo courtesy of LSU Sports Information
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Don’t tell defensive coordinator John Chavis his players need time to acclimate themselves to spring camp.

Chief was all over his guys today, especially when the entire defense was lined up as one unit doing its pick-six drill. When players weren’t moving with the intensity Chief wanted, he made sure to get vocal and let them know it. At least three times he made the first unit do the drill over again until they completed a rep to his liking.

When you’ve got as many athletes as LSU has, it’s the little things that win ball games, and Chavis is a stickler.

Speaking of that drill, it gave us a little of a glimpse as to how guys are lining up right now. I think this is worth almost nothing, but y’all take it for what it is.


  • Defensive line: DE Danielle Hunter, DT Quentin Thomas, DT Christian LaCouture, DT Jordan Allen
  • Linebackers: OLB Lamar Louis, MLB D.J. Welter, OLB Kwon Alexander
  • Defensive backs: DB Jalen Collins, S Ronald Martin, S Jalen Mills, DB Tre White


  • Defensive line: DETashawn Bower, DT Greg Gilmore, DT Maquedius Bain, DE Justin Maclin
  • Linebackers: OLB Duke Riley, MLB Kendell Beckwith, OLB Deion Jones
  • Defensive backs: DB Kavahra Holmes, S Rickey Jefferson, S Dwayne Thomas, DB Rashard Robinson

Guys like Ed Paris, Frank Herron and Louis Neal worked in with the third group. But this is the second practice of the spring, so again, don’t put too much stock into it. Just letting y’all know all the information.

It was interesting to see the education of Ed Paris on the sideline during a defensive back drill. Both Collins and Robinson were teaching him the finer points of defensive back footwork during a drill that focused on accelerating out of the break.

Paris will fight for playing time this season, more than likely to steal snaps away from players like Collins and Robinson. But it was good to see they weren’t making him get there on his own.

Signee Davon Godchaux was at practice today watching the defense. He’s a big dude. Derek Ponamsky and Hunt Palmer watched some of camp too, their reports are below.


Pretty routine day today. Only helmets again. 

Jordan Allen was back, Desean Smith was missing. 

-Watched the quarterbacks and again I saw glimpses from all three of the young guys. 

Hayden Rettig looks like he just gets the speed now. Huge difference. 

Brandon Harris is still getting accustomed to everything. But boy, can he spin it. 

-As for the receivers, Kevin Spears looked really good until he had to miss some time while a trainer worked on his right leg. Stretching it out and such. No idea how severe the injury was, but it looked like he was going to be able to finish the practice. 

-I think they may have found something with Rob Bolden at receiver. I am not saying that he is going to start or even be a guy who is competing for playing time, but it is a much better utilization of his time at receiver. 

-Frank Herron looks like he is moving around with zero lingering effects of his knee injury. I love how explosive he looks at defensive tackle. 

-John Chavis did not particularly care for the way a rep was run by Rickey Jefferson. He told him, loudly. 

-Dwayne Thomas worked at safety today and he looked natural back there. Corey Raymond has said he wants to cross train a number of guys, and he has got to be pleased with what he has seen athletically so far. 

-Evan Washington could be really good at right guard. Fundamentally he is sound and he was working on technique today and getting compliments from Jeff Grimes and Les Miles for how low he was playing and how he was using his hands. 

-Davon Godchaux was in attendance today. 

-Also in attendance were a number of high school coaches, including Dru Nettles from Denham Springs. 

I have had a few people tell me that the word was Dru was not letting LSU recruit his players after what happened in the 2013 class with Tevin Lawson. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Nettles brought a number of his underclass players to practice today. 

Included in that number was Justin Henderson, a 6-7 280 pound rising sophomore offensive lineman who was about 10 feet from Jeff Grimes at all time today.

Harris looked a little lost. He's clearly a step behind the pace Cam Cameron wants. That's why the early enrolling is such a huge help. I thought Jennings looked very comfortable today. He threw the ball well on the run save one he overshot.

John Diarse looks more comfortable, too. Quantavius Leslie dropped another ball today...right in his hands. He also made a slick one-handed catch. That's what Derek was talking about Saturday.

I think the Tiger I would least like to get mixed up with is Dillon Gordon. The guy is just a monster. I think he could play guard.

Les was very involved with the OL teaching today.

Hopefully they put some pads on soon and get to popping.

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3/11/2014 7:47:41 AM
Our guys are getting ready to play and defeat all comers, including Alabama. Is their skill level going to go from very good high school football player into moving forward to good college football player? Can the LSU college football fans dare to hope once more for the success that has thrilled all LSU tiger fans before.

The sound and fury of fast strong college football player crashing into each other on every play. Skills on the football field that bring us fans to our feet in excitement. How can I say this college football feeling better? Or a moment of strong competitiveness’ clear? I hope that each and every one of you flesh and blood LSU football players give your best shot to the next college football game you play, your very best.

That I also hope that you give your school, Fans, Coach, Team, and yourself, you’re very best shot. That I don’t expect for you to die for the glory and honor of LSU on the football field.

Because that kind of total sacrifice is only necessary in real war over your country and family.

But for you to give your best inside the LSU tiger football stadium. I will be very proud of your best efforts as I feel proud of my own children giving their best. That the other schools football players might be bigger and taller, and a step faster or quicker. But if you give your best that is really all that I ask of you. So for the love of the game of football Geaux tigers!!!
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